Fact about Beast

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Fact about Beast

Beitrag  Admin am 11.11.12 12:27

Was die Members übereinander sagen..:

[TRANS] ANAN Magazine (July 2011) - From member to member.

Yoseob → Doojoon: Ist wie ein alter Baum. Wie ein tief verwurzelter Baum, er ist jemand mit dem man abhängen kann.
Doojoon → Hyunseung: Ein Mann mit einem Starken willen. Er gibt niemals auf bis er seine Ziele erreicht hat. Ich denke das ist ein Talent für sich.
Hyunseung → Yoseob: Ein Man mit einem schmallen Gesicht aber großen Füßen. Ich glaube nicht mal (270 ich denkmal ne große Schuhgröße) reichen nicht.
Dongwoon → Junhyung : Feuer. Immer warm zu allen um ihn herrum.
Junhyung → Kikwang: Eine hartnäckige Person. Er wird aufjedenfall erreichen was er will.
Kikwang → Dongwoon: Der beste Maknae (jüngster) eine mischung von gutem Aussehn und gutes Herz.

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Re: Fact about Beast

Beitrag  Admin am 11.11.12 12:51

ufff....ich glaub das reicht erstmal ....

Doojoon and Yoseob’s theme song is John Legend’s “Ordinary People.”

Junhyung wears the glasses Yoseob gave him often

Dongwoon and Gikwang’s favorite SNSD member is Yoona
All of the B2ST members are sensitive to even the slightest glimpse of light and sound. So when Gikwang sleeps, that’s when the other members sleep

Doojoon loves teasing 4minute’s Gayoon

The members all agree that Hyunseung is the prettiest member

Instead of trying to fit their music to the public’s taste, the B2ST members want to make the audience like their own music style

Even when they suffer lack of sleep and feeling lethargic, they do it as six and that’s what helps them keep strong and forget everything

The B2ST members were all fighting colds and the flu during the “Shock” MV filming

On Dongwoon’s graduation night, the members all came to support him. On that day, they rubbed their weary eyes and showed their love and loyalty to him even though they had things scheduled until 6 AM before that

A fan went to a B2ST fan meeting twice, bringing an entire chicken. The members used the chicken to make baeksook

Because of Yoseob and Dongwoon’s regular snack patters, they’re always blamed for missing food

Yoseob and Dongwoon eat midnight snacks when the members play games because they don’t know the rules of the game

The members of B2ST think Doojoon is the smartest/most logical

B2ST was involved in a car accident after a Music Core broadcast. Luckily, it was a minor accident and nobody was hurt

When the B2ST members first started living together, Junhyung threw away the members’ things to keep the dorm clean. He thought the members would be angry, so he was surprised when he found out they didn’t care

The biggest fight the B2ST members have ever had was between Junhyung and Hyunseung over a cereal box

The best decisions the members ever made was to join B2ST

All of the B2ST members think Gikwang has the best body except for Gikwang himself

Everyone in B2ST chose Gikwang as the best dancer other than Gikwang himself, who chose Hyunseung

If one person in B2ST can’t sleep, they all wake up and talk to each other

Doojoon asked Dongwoon if he had anything to say. When maknae had nothing to say, Doojoon said, “He says he loves you all.”

The members think the reason fans gave them the name ‘Pet Idols’ is because of Yoseob’s cuteness

The B2ST members can’t wait until they eat delicious home cooked food

Yoseob and Dongwoon are midnight snack buddies

The B2ST members want to work with Kanye West, if the chance came to them

The boys don’t miss their normal lives since people know them are aware of their music

The members get homesick while touring. The time they spend at home is precious

Yoseob and Junhyung nearly got rejected from Cube

The members say Gikwang has unreasonably low standards when looking for a girl

All of the members are bad drinkers. They can’t hold their alcohol very well. They only drink occasionally

Gikwang and Yoseob first met in the 10th grade

After watching Big Bang’s documentary and seeing them so handsome on stage, Doojoon wanted to try the challenge as a singer as well

During an interview, Doojoon made Junhyung hold up all of his hands and feet. Doojoon: “He can’t count the number of girls he dated even with all of his fingers and toes!”

Rather than writing about anything in particular, Junhyung prefers to write about his personal thoughts or worries. He would write about love as well, even though people
expect him not to

“So BEAST!” was the meaning of “how awesome” which was made up by their choreographer

There are adlibs’ consultants among the members who give advices regarding making adlibs, from time to time. This is to improve their adlibs so that the fans won’t get bored with the same adlibs, again and again

Since the members in B2ST are around the same age, there are no hyungs. Everyone is treated the same

Junhyung blamed Dongwoon as the reason why he used to always get edited out on screens

Doojoon is the father and Junhyung is the mother of the group. Yoesob admits to being the son

Apparently, Yoseob and Hyunseung’s personalities don’t match well

Hyunseung and Gikwang get the least sleep at night. They spend all their time on the computer

Yoseob and Gikwang both went to Ahyun High School. Gikwang said, “Yoseob and I are destined to be.”

Dongwoon and Gikwang have known each other the longest

Dongwoon loved to dress in Bohemian style. Junhyung even thought that he was Jack Sparrow

Junhyung was shocked to find out that Dongwoon was the maknae. He thought Dongwoon was much older than him

Junhyung says Dongwoon and Doojoon are “Affectionate Idols”

The members each have different colored toothbrushes. Junhyung likes to arrange them according to the rainbow

Gikwang and Yoseob often take showers together

The B2ST members use AJ’s album to play tennis

4 out of the 6 members in B2ST attend Dongshin University. Gikwang and Doojoon major in broadcast entertainment. Junhyung and Hyunseung major in music

The members and Tiger made the fan chants for “Shock” themselves

Junhyung and Hyunseung sleep next to each other. Doojoon and Yoseob sleep next to each other. They always use their colorful polka-dotted blankets

During the early days of their debut, the B2ST members thought Dongwoon was the weirdest

Even when given breaks to see old friends, the B2ST members don’t have very many. They agree not to meet up, and end up talking on the phone

The nickname “nose-digging idols” didn’t come out of nowhere for the B2ST members. They dig their nose on award shows, on stage, during fansings, during filming, and during radio shows

Junhyung finds it troublesome when Doojoon leaves and he has to take the leader position

The B2ST members live in Chomdamdong Harlem’s 13th district

According to Yoseob, B2ST will always be hardworking like bulls

When B2ST upgraded their dorm, Doojoon called his mom and said, “The dorm’s living room is so big that I could even play soccer in it!”

The B2ST members want love confessions from fans

The B2ST members think Yoseob looked the weirdest before debut because of his hair

The B2ST members have all showered with each other

Junhyung’s parents raised him as a neat-freak

While doing a “Danbi” filming, Doojoon ate bugs and ants and said they were very delicious

Hyunseung, Junhyung, and Gikwang are the eldest among their siblings

The reason Junhyung got a tattoo wasn’t because of style or concepts. He just wanted one

According to Hyunseung, the anxiety from their debut stage was like carrying bags of sand

Doojoon and Yoseob sleep next to each other, as do Hyunseung and Junhyung

The B2ST members visit their fansites often

Due to being a rapper, Junhyung thinks people forgot he can be cute and tactful

The members don’t think Gikwang was a very good MC

The B2ST members are awkward around girls

Dongwoon wants all the members to go to the hot springs together while holding hands. Junhyung doesn’t want to hold their hands

The director of B2ST’s “Shock” MV, Hong Wonki, also directed Hyuna’s “Change” and 2AM’s “I Can’t Let You Go Even If I Die.

Doojoon is very athletic. Dongwoon is the worst at sports

Gikwang and Yoseob can learn a dance very quickly

Dongwoon is the most handsome member to Hyunseung

All of the B2ST members are shy with girls

The B2ST members don’t care if people call them recycled, but they worry about their fans being hurt by the comments

Yoseob is a frog while Doojoon is an elephant

When the B2ST members are bored or stressed out, they talk and play board games. The only video game they have is soccer

BEAST became BEST, according to Yoseob

B2ST’s all time favorite game is Winning Eleven

Doojoon says that Junhyung runs around the house and goes up to the members whispering while staring at them, “I’m the Joker.”

The B2ST members have now grown very comfortable on variety shows. They feel like they used to be quiet and awkward

Genghis Khan, K6, 300, 6icons, and 6con were considerations for B2ST’s name

The B2ST members don’t want to sleep in different rooms because it will weaken their relationship with each other

To decide their bed arrangements, the members used the ladder game

Dongwoon is an awkward person on camera

“That is why B2ST is so beautiful to their fans, because they never stop going for their dreams.”

Rather than achieving their plans alone, the B2ST members would rather achieve their goals as a group

The BEAST members always stay clean. Doojoon even freaked out when they were out of cotton swabs

Junhyung told Dongwoon to keep his mouth shut on camera. Because of Dongwoon, Junhyung keeps getting edited out

“That was the hardest thing ever. My shoulder~ it’s even dislocated~”Junhyung

Yoseob and Hyunseung are very loving brothers toward their sisters

The members, especially Junhyung, used to think Dongwoon used to look like Jack Sparrow

BEAST ideal girls

Doojoon – a girl that knows how to play soccer, well manner, pretty personality and likes his parents. Doojoon ideal girl is also someone who captivates him at first glance .

Junhyung – a tall girl with swag, knows how to dance. Junhyung ideal girl is someone with sharp wits and laid back personality.

Hyunseung – a girl with a pretty head ? . Big double eyelids is also in the list for Hyunseung’s ideal girl.

Yoseob – a girl with long hair and fair white skin.Yoseob’s ideal girl is someone who is cute.

Kikwang – a girl that laughs pretty and has a sense of humor (members say his standards are low.) Kikwang don’t look for physical features, I look for the personality.

Dongwoon – a cute and pretty girl, well mannered, looks pretty when she ties her hair.Dongwoon wants his ideal girl to have a compatible personality as his

Dojoon, Dongwoon, and Hyunseung all have iPhones

The atmosphere around the B2ST members always depends on their overall mood

BEAST’s new official color is dark gray

Junhyung and Hyunseung sleep facing each other

Junhyung is the naggy father while Hyunseung is the precise mother

When showering together, the BEAST members spray and splash water on each other

Junhyung’s aegyo attempts cause awkward atmospheres and embarrassment to himself

Source: -dumbkwang @ TUMBLR

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